MusclePharm CLA Core Review

Some have more trouble losing weight than others. A good choice is to look for a diet pill that works in order to aid in your diet and exercise plan. But how do you choose the right one?

MusclePharm CLA Core: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

There is always a lot of hype surrounding any diet pill. Usually they make outrageous claims of weight loss benefits like metabolism boosting powers and extreme appetite suppression. MusclePharm CLA Core hype is all about the main ingredient of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. To find out if MusclePharm CLA Core can live up to the hype, we should check out the ingredient highlights.

MusclePharm CLA Core Ingredient Highlights

The only ingredients in the MusclePharm CLA Core are Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Olive Oil and Avocado Oil. They are all in a proprietary blend of 2 grams.

The only real effective weight loss ingredient in this formula is CLA. It comes from meat and dairy sources and interestingly enough is found in highest concentration in kangaroo meat. It is also found in high amounts in beef.

CLA is known to help decrease the size of your fat cells. Not only does it do this but it also promotes the growth of lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass burns more calories so CLA also has the potential to increase your metabolism.

You need about 3.2 grams of CLA a day. With MusclePharm CLA Core you are getting a total of 6 grams of the blend a day. I’m guessing that the capsule is made up of at least 55% CLA which would be enough in order for you to get the daily dosage.

Is MusclePharm CLA Core Powerful Enough to Help You Lose Weight?

While I do not know exactly how much CLA is in the formula I suspect that there is enough in order for you to get your daily amount. There does not seem to be any benefits from having more than the recommend amount of CLA a day. Basically, MusclePharm CLA Core should be strong enough to help you lose weight when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Does MusclePharm CLA Core Have Any Side Effects?

MusclePharm CLA Core does not have side effects for most people. However, there have been some studies that show CLA diet pills increase the chances for extremely obese individuals to develop diabetes.

You should always contact a doctor before beginning any new diet pill. MusclePharm CLA Core may not be safe for people that have heart problems, thyroid disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. MusclePharm CLA Core is not suitable for women that are pregnant or nursing.

Should You Try MusclePharm CLA Core?

MusclePharm CLA Core seems like a worthwhile diet pill. However, there is no money back guarantee which means you will have to chance it. The $20 that MusclePharm CLA Core cost is not a lot to gamble although I would suggest perhaps shopping around a bit more to see if you could find a diet pill that has a guarantee and a fully disclosed formula.

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