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In case you still don’t know, apple cider vinegar has more uses than as an ingredient in cooking. It was actually considered a medicinal elixir by Ancient Egyptians. The government of the United States actually considers it as an example of a “folk medicine”, rather than a weight loss product. However, some scientific researches have proven that apple cider vinegar can help in the process of losing weight.


During the 1950s, a Vermont country physician named Dr. DeForest Javris proved that apple cider vinegar has indeed some health benefits. In one of his books, he described how local Vermont townsfolk drank something called “switchel.” It is a concoction of water, honey, and apple-cider vinegar. The said drink is known to have energizing and thirst-quenching properties. These are believed to help in weight loss. In a recent study published in the 2004 issue of the Diabetes Care that cites a research of Dr. Carol Johnson, regular consumption of apple cider vinegar can also help in losing weight. The research was conducted by a team of researchers from the Arizona State University lead by Dr. Johnson.


Apple cider vender is said to reduce the retention of water in the body while increasing one’s metabolic rate. It is ideal to take this before meals so it can suppress appetite. It is also believed to lower one’s blood sugar level. It helps in making insulin levels more stable. Thus, weight loss may also take place. Apple cider vinegar has ion-futynic lactic acid, acetic acid, and propionic acid that all have antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help in boosting one’s immune system. They also help in getting a faster recovery from infections and colds.


Apple cider vinegar is known to have amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B complex, C and E. It also has potassium, beta-carotene, calcium and magnesium. It also has a number of enzymes, organic acids and nutrients. Since apple cider vinegar helps in increasing one’s metabolic rate, it also improves the sense of well-being that can be an important factor in weight loss.


Some experts would only recommend apple cider vinegar that did not undergo pasteurization or distillation as they are believed to destroy some nutrients that also reduce its weight loss functions. Others, meanwhile, say commercially sold apple cider vinegar is less harsh to the stomach. However, it is important to dilute the apple cider vinegar first. You may also add pure maple syrup and honey to have a more pleasing taste. You can also add apple cider vinegar to boiling water with honey, fresh lemon slices and cinnamon sticks to come up with a very tasty concoctions. However, do not take apple cider at night as it may cause some sleeping problems since it increases the body’s metabolism.


It should be noted, however, that FDA does not consider the health claims of apple cider vinegar. The claim of apple cider vinegar, anyway, is not an absolute claim. It may help a person lose weight, but it may depend on different factors. It is recommended to seek the advice of a doctor before consuming it for weight loss purposes.

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